Orthanna Sp Ltd

Orthanna is a well-established tour operator and destination management company specialising in incoming travel to Bulgaria and outgoing travel to Cyprus, as well as organising events on behalf of corporate clients. Since its establishment in 2006, the company head office has been based in Varna, Bulgaria. Following many years of experience, the company is uniquely positioned to handle the travel arrangements of individuals and groups with consciousness care and attention, with a long established tradition of surpassing the expectationsof our customers and partners.

The company values its ability to think unconventionally and to go further than anyone else to ensure the success of an organised event, whatever the objectives and scale of the project. Understanding our partners and customers, we work in harmony and unison with them, enabling the success and fulfillment of our collective vision. We take pride in being able to modify and tailor our services in order to adapt according to the bespoke needs of our clients.

The company benefits from a highly-qualified team, a unique working structure and longterm partnerships with tour operators and travel agents across Bulgaria and the Mediterranean, all of Europe and the Middle East.



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