''Marketing takes a day to learn.Unfortunetely it takes a lifetime to master''


For Οrthodoxou Group marketing is not just promotion and advertisement in media. For us marketing is the way to define the needs of the market in order to provide the correct product at the right place to the best price. The marketing concept, as opposed to the marketing function, implies that all the activities of an organisation are driven by a desire to satisfy customer needs and this is our aim through group marketing activities.

The department fulfils the demanding marketing & advertising needs of the company.  More specifically, the department is responsible for the promotion and advertisement materials of the company.  It promotes the company’s brand name; it searching for opportunities of forming and building mutually beneficial relationships with other companies.  Most importantly, the department is responsible for developing marketing and advertising strategies for the nearest as well as the long-time perspectives in creating new products and services and promoting the existing ones.  The organization of various PR events and advertising campaigns in mass media, exhibitions etc. is the responsibility of this department.

Marketing is a concept with many variations and many changes. Modern organisations must be ready to face the new changes in marketing concept in order to be competitive in their field. Our highly educated marketing team has the knowledge’s of how to face and how to use the new marketing trends like social media, e-mail marketing, digital marketing and online marketing.


If you want to contact our Marketing department please sent an e-mai to marketing@orthodoxou.com.cy

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