Orthodoxou Group celebrates 20 years of Success


A. Orthodoxou: An important factor in our success was and is our Personnel.


Twenty years of operation closes the Orthodoxou group of companies recording a long way in the sectors of tourism, Insurance and Focusing.

According to the CEO of the group, Antonis Orthodoxou, in these twenty years the group grew through patience, perseverance and hard work, and above all with a vision for tomorrow.

"The road to success does not only confine itself with vision, hard work and good management. It must be accompanied, fed and reinforced by other factors with other prerequisites, "he says.

Mr. Orthodoxou notes that: " you can go along smoothly and neither can act as required by the business, if you do not have the understanding and support of your family, the right partners, a good clientele, which is essential and gives the driving force in a business for survival and development. "

Finally, but most importantly, it is the human factor in business, personnel, says Mr. Orthodoxou.

Our vision is therefore to continue our development, based on ethical values and oriented.

"As a Group we will continue our path driven always the best customer service. Our future survival and development based on the principles of Corporate Social Responsibility to our Partners, our customers, our staff and society in general, "concludes Mr. Orthodoxou.

Source: http://www.inbusinessnews.com/inbusiness/news/business/services/o-omilos-orthodoksoy-giortazei-ta-eikosaxrona-toy 

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