Opening of new offices Of Orthodoxou Group of Companies in Nicosia

The inauguration of the new office complex of Orthodoxou Group of Companies was held in Nicosia, on Friday 25th of November by the Minister of Transport, Communications and Works Mr. Marios Demetriades, in the presence of Archbishop Chrysostomos II, who also officiated the blessing.

In his greeting, the Minister praised Orthodoxou Group of Companies, which employs more than 200 people and represents a number of airlines, including Blue Air in Cyprus which serves passengers with based aircrafts at Larnaca airport since January 2015 and said: "In the context of the continuous growth of the aviation industry and the connectivity of Cyprus to a variety of destinations abroad, the government,  encourages such initiatives in the private sector, aimed at the further development of the country's economy and strengthening Cyprus, both as a tourist destination and as a commercial and business hub in the Eastern Mediterranean wider region."

After welcoming and thanking all those present, CEO of Orthodoxou Group of Companies Mr. Antonis Orthodoxou, referred to another goal being accomplished with the operation of a modern and comfortable office in Nicosia, continuously offering quality services to the consumer.  Mr. Orthodoxou mentioned that Orthodoxou Aviation, is the General Sales Agent (GSA) for airlines, Gulf Air, Blue Air, Arkia, Qeshm Air, Smart Wings and Ethiopian Airlines.

All these airlines are basically served by the Office in Nicosia.  He also said that the Group’s operations carried out through the operations in Nicosia up to this day, are very satisfactory and with great perspective and concluded by saying, "Personal contact - quality - service" is the cornerstone on which this office is also built on, just like the rest of Orthodoxou Group of companies offices.


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