Blue Air Expanding fleet in the Business base of Larnaca Airport

Blue Air having in mind the needs of the traveling public, brings another Aircraft in Cyprus, on the 24th of March 2016, making its base in Larnaca Airport.

 The new direct routes from Larnaca offer even more destinations.  They bring London, a major destination, closer to Cyprus with attractive fares and a high level of service. Moreover, after the great support we had this year regarding the routes of Athens and Thessaloniki, the number of our flights to the two Greek cities will increase by running 14 weekly flights to Athens and 5 weekly flights to Thessaloniki.

 The tourist town of Constanta is added, via Athens, to our flight schedule, with two flights per week. The commercial director of Blue Air Tudor Constantinescu stated that, “In Blue Air we are a family bonded by our mutual passion for Aviation. We are particularly glad that Blue Air has won the trust of Cypriot travelers, a fact which leads us to the continuous growth of our Base in Larnaca, in 2016” he concluded.

 Mr. Constantinescu in his speech also referred to the excellent cooperation that Blue Air has with Orthodoxou Aviation Ltd stressing that “Blue Air would not have been what it is today without the dedication, the professional help and support provided by our representative Orthodoxou Aviation Ltd, which has majorly contributed to making our base in Cyprus successful.”

 “We also want to thank Hermes Airport for the support and hospitality”, in his statement Mr. Antonis Orthodoxou CEO of Orthodoxou Aviation Ltd, said that ‘’we are satisfied from our partnership with Blue Air. The operation of the company in Cyprus so far has been a complete success achieving our goals, moving slowly and steadily and having offered work to a large number of people, flight crew, as well as office personnel and has given the flights a sense of Cyprus.”

 The passengers of Blue Air can now enjoy Cypriot products (snacks, Cypriot wine) as well as newspaper and magazines from the Cyprus press.

 “We are very pleased that in a year, we managed to make this company a safe and considerable selection for the Cypriot traveler and we are committed to continue improving to constantly upgrade our service.”

 In this statement, Mr. Wes Porter CEO of Hermes Airports, congratulated the company and emphasized that “from this development many positive advantages will come up for the Cypriot economy and tourism”. Mr. Porter highlighted that “Hermes will stand by the airlines and by using various incentives and also effective cooperation with the primary objective of increasing tourism and connectivity of Cyprus”.


The purchase of tickets and reservations can be made through the company’s web Site or by calling 22 755 300 / 24 841 180, Monday – Friday (8:00am – 17:30pm) or  from your local travel agent.

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