Managing to collect 1800 Kg of caps in 5 months

It is a commendable effort by our fellow Andreas Pattihis who once again showed how much he cares for his fellowman. Our fellow citizen succeeded within five months to gather about 1800 pounds caps which were delivered today in Cyprus Antirheumatic link.

Supporter in this effort was Orthodoxou Group of Companies, which enhanced the whole effort of Andreas by providing promotional material that were given in the city and it aims to inform the public about the importance of using the plastic caps.

The page contacted Andreas who told us that '' when starting my effort seemed impossible that it would be enough to see the result today. But with much effort, we were able today to deliver this large quantity in rheumatic link and soon four of our fellow citizens will get a wheelchair.

Sure, the contribution of Orthodoxou Companies Group was determinative because surely made the whole effort easier. '' Our company supplied 4000 brochures and offered us the grant for the purchase of the 4th wheelchair. At the same time, Coffee Island faneromenis was used as a collection point caps from the world. It is very important that such large organizations to participate and to help with that kind actions. ''




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